Friday, February 02, 2007

visually exhausted

I just returned from the Kaffe Fassett workshop today. I decided to use the tulips, and before lunch I was very pleased with the lay-out.

After lunch I wasn't so sure any more.

The workshops ends with KF commenting on everybody's work. He said he would not use the tulips, because they stand out too much. He suggested taking a textile dye pen, and reworking the background of the tulips a bit (polka dots, litlle flecks of color ...). On the other hand, several other ladies in the workshop did like the tulips... I am confused, visually and otherwise exhausted right now. Sorry the picture with Kaffe Fassett in front of the quilts is a bit shaky. Somehow picture taking was just a bit too much today.
I don't feel like finishing this piece at all at the moment. I am a bit discouraged. Probably just fatigue, and maybe a good night sleep will help. Most likely I am not a patchworker at heart. I love playing with the colors, but all the cutting and sewing scares me.
Before I forget : the exhibition in the Modemuseum in Hasselt is very nice. Check it out !


Lies said...

... en nu weer een beetje optimistischer? Ik heb wel niet het kleurgevoel van Kaffe Fassett, maar ik vind je creatie wel erg mooi. Warm, vooral. En als rechtgeaarde hollander vind ik tulpen altijd goed.

Mien B said...

...en als je je tulpenblokken in de thee kleurt om het wit wat af te zwakken ????? Ik vind ze wel passen in het geheel.

cate in northern california said...

Dominique - you are a prolific blogger. Interesting notes from the Fassett workshop. I liked the tulips, but when I squinted my eyes and looked, I could understand what he meant. I do this sometimes when choosing colors - the odd values jump out much more when eyes are half closed. Don't be discouraged!

Those tulips are lovely. Perhaps they need a different project where they can really be showcased - as with solid dark borders. Tea cozies or 3 side by side as in a japanese noren hung over the doorway. I have one separating my kitchen from the weaving studio.

You inspire me!


Irma said...

Je hebt een prachtige samenstelling gemaakt. Op de eerste plaats moet JiJ iets maken wat JIJ mooi vindt. Al springt Kaffe hoog en laag...LOL
Ik vind wel dat hij gelijk heeft overigens, als je door je oogharen kijkt dan vallen die blokken erg op. Dat wil hij niet, da's niet zijn stijl, maar dat wil nie zeggen dat het niet goed is. Dus doe lekker wat JIJ wil. Het is mooi!