Wednesday, February 07, 2007

jawbreaker cardigan - fronts finished

Maybe you have noticed on my blog that I don't knit that many sweaters. I love to knit smaller projects, and my main obsession is knitting with color (Kaffe Fassett really started me knitting).
When I knit a sweater, I make adjustments that I 'think' will work for me. That's why a simple project sometimes can take a long time, because I rework them. I am not tall, but very round (wel endowed ? ample ? ).
I am rather pleased with the jawbreaker cardigan adjustments I have made. Originally the cardigan has slanted (cutaway?) fronts, that close in the middle with one big button. I was worried that those fronts might accentuate the tummy. I made the fronts bigger, knitted one slanted and one straight, so that they overlap. Now the cardigan will close off-center. I still need to find the perfect button for it. I just placed a button there to show you how it will close. I have to make a decision about the sleeves now. In the pattern they are 3/4 sleeves. I think I want long bell sleeves. What do you think ? I am also worried this cardigan will be a tad short. I am not sure what I will wear with it. I like to wear long tunic-lenght t-shirts, sometimes with an A-line top over it. Maybe I'll have to buy new clothes to go with this sweater !

Ik heb besloten een prijsje te geven aan iedereen die reageerde. Er is al een pakketje onderweg naar Anne en Lies. Kan de persoon die anoniem reageerde me even contacteren ?

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AnneV said...

Hi! Thank you so much, the parcel has arrived! I really need something new to think about, and crocheting might be just the right thing.