Saturday, February 17, 2007

canopy forest shoulder shawl finished

As I have to work this weekend, I don't have much time to knit (there are still house chores to do). I was convinced I had a suitable yarn for the bind-off for this short shawl, and I finally found it. I used a brown sock yarn, doubled (scheepjeswol invicta). It is a slightly different shade of brown, but it works for me.
And I have been thinking about my lizard ridge afghan. Two people mailed me, and I can probably arrange a swap with them. That means another 3 to 4 balls of Kureyon. I passed my LYS and looked what they had, and walked out with these 2 : kureyon 92 (left) and silk garden in 234 (right).
I want this afghan to be cheerfull, without being too loud. So I am looking for muted/washed out colors in Kureyon.

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Anne said...

Nice job on the shawl! I love doing the edge in colors that are just slightly different than the body. I believe that adds a subliminal interest and depth to a piece that keeps the viewers eye looking.