Sunday, July 01, 2007

leaving for France !

I will be in France for the next week or so (not sure yet when we will come back). We are heading for the Loire region (near Angers). Of course I checked stash enhancement possibilities on my trip. Phildar is everywhere in France. They have this cool tool on their website, that makes you select a yarn, and look up what patterns are knitted in that yarn. Because of my shoulder problems, I don't want to start a big project right now. But a cute baby sweater in phil'bambou (bamboo yarn) or phil'thalassa (cotton+seacell) might be nice. Lots of phildar yarns are blends, but these are both 100% natural ... I swatched the bamboo (got a ball on my previous trip to France). It's very soft, but rather heavy. I think you need a flowey, drapy kind of garment, or knit it on tiny needle. The Phil'thalassa felt very nice, but I didn't swatch it - sent it to the USA in a swap. It comes in variegated colors, and might make nice facecloths.

And I just found out that La Droguerie has a shop in Nantes, only 70kms from where we will be in France. I don't know if I can persuade DH to drive 70kms just to visit a yarn shop. I hope I can find something about Nantes that makes it a worthwile detour !

I haven't managed to finish the mystery stole clue 1 before I leave. I am on row 78 now (out of 99). I don't know if this is a good project to take on holiday, you need to stay focused. I guess I will just take some socks as a knitting project with me.

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villasukka-Heli said...

Oh, happy holiday! I was in Loire region in 1992 for a month - and I really loved it. Though after a while, the chateaux started to come out off my ears.... ;)