Sunday, July 08, 2007

back from France

We are back from a short stay in France. We started out in a chateau in the Loire region, but because of the cloudy/rainy weather, and because my husband needed some good roads to practice his biking/running we went to the seaside.

We ended up in a little seaside resort at the atlantic ocean, called Pornic. I managed to go to the Phildar shop in Angers and got some Phil'bambou to knit a baby sweater, but that was about it regarding yarn purchases. I didn't make it into Nantes, so no La Droguerie visit. In Pornic there was also a Bergère de France shop, but I have one in my home town, so why buy that abroad ? I enjoyed the views, and knitted the same 3 rows on my Mystery stole again and again.
I discovered what's not to like about the Rheuma yarn - it splits terribly when you have to unknit !

When I got home, I found the final package from my SP10. Yarn, tea, chocolate, a magazine and stitch markers. Thanks a lot Karin ! The yarn is a very nice blend : 30% alpaca, 65% merino, and 5% PA (that's what she writes on the card). Anybody knows what PA stands for ? It's a nice cream color, with black hairs sticking out. I'll just have to find a nice project for it. Maybe another MS3 ? I just want to find out how this one is turning out, before I decide.

I am home for a few days now, and then we leave for Germany, where my husband hopefully will be able to finish his triathlon project.

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Bobbi said...

I hope you had a good time with Sp10!