Friday, June 29, 2007

Mystery stole started


Last Tuesday, I went to Utrecht with a friend. I had bought several beads in Leuven, but either those were too big, or too small. In Utrecht I found just the right size of beads (although it was completely guesswork from my side, the lady in the shop had no idea). On the bottom, you see the Leuven beads. They look (and feel) very heavy. The Utrecht beads are on top - look just like dewdrops on the fabric, don't you think ? I have to be very carefull with the crochet hook to NOT split the yarn. It feels awkward, but I hope that will change.

Eindelijk heb ik de juiste kralen gevonden voor mijn verrassingsstola, en in Utrecht dan nog wel. Je ziet ze op het bovenste patroon van mijn proeflapje. Ik vind dat deze een effect van dauwdruppeltjes geven, heel subtiel. De onderste kralen zijn veel te lomp. In Utrecht heb ik de kralen gekocht in een winkeltje vol met 'do-it-yourself'' juwelenpakketjes. Dit was één van de fijnste kralen die ze daar hadden, voor de rest veel mega-grote houten en aardewerk kralen. Leuk, maar ik ga niet aan nog een hobby beginnen.

First clue of the mystery stole 3 is up on the yahoogroup. These are the first 25 rows. It looks like this stole is knitted on the diagonal, with very subtle beading. I love it !


tonni said...

So very pretty... i'm waiting to get off work so I can work on the first clue. Good luck! Your first part of clue one is a lovely start, don't you think?

Villasukka-Heli said...

I haven't even made a swatch yet.... I just ordered beads from Ebay yesterday.

Knitelly said...

Oh the beads from Utrecht looks just perfect. I'm not following this KAL, but I can see on other lists that it is hugely popular. Your first clue looks lovely.