Saturday, June 16, 2007

mystery stole 3 - swatches

I have swatched with 2 yarns for my Mystery Stole. The instructions state you need 1200yards of lace weight yarn. Now, lace weight is very hard to get here locallly. So, whenever I have the opportunity abroad, I buy some lace weight yarn as a souvenir. I bought this red Ostergotland lace weight yarn in Stockholm, september 2006. Only one hank though, just 600 yards. But, I will be in Stockholm again this summer. Can I take the risk, will it still be available ? I swatched, because I loved it so much in the skein. Guess what ? I don't like knitting with it, not for lace anyway. It's a bit scratchy (feels like a bad mohair/shetland combination). It softens alot when washed, but it also fluffes up, and the hairy nature makes the lace difficult to read. On top of that, it has a limited stretch factor.

The other yarn (rheuma wolle) is a 100% superwash. I bought it in my local yarn store, so there is plenty available. It glides over my needles, and blocks beautifully. What's not to like ? (besides the name ?). And the instructions state that a white or natural is the most suitable for this stole(or black, but I won't go that road).
Now to find some beads ! I go shopping with a Finnish and an American knitter today. Both are visiting Belgium, and I offered to show them around.


chrisknitz said...

I love your comment about the burgundy wool. I am picturing a Mohair Goat and a Shetland Sheep running off together against their parent's wishes!

Looks like a lovely lace pattern will be coming.

Marja V said...

Amazing, I chose just the same yarn for MS3! I thought that nobody else would be knitting it. I like the yarn, it's soft, thin and washable. I found link to your blog from Heli's blog (

Marja V said...

Yeah, I have the beads already. My bead stash is nearly as big as my yarns stash because I like beading. But choosing the colour is difficult. I would like the beads to be washable too and some colours are sensitive to moisture. Interesting to see how similar or different stoles we get with our choises. :)