Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Back from a short trip to Torino, to my surprise a very elegant baroque city (I always thought about it a being a big industrial city). It really is a city to stroll around, with all those beautifull arcades. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good : cold (sometimes very cold), and misty.
There is a lot to see indoor, so that wasn't really a problem. I liked the Egyptian museum, and the pinacoteca of the Agnelli family in the Lingotto centre.
Due to the foggy weather, I didn't take much photos.I can show you this picture of a candy shop. Torino is filled with these kinds of shops !
I discovered that Torino is considered the chocolate capital of Italy, as in 'warm liquid drinkable chocolate'. Lots of stylish caf├ęs, where you can drink 'bicerin', a mixture of coffee, hot chocolate and cream.
Did I find yarn ? I did check the Italian yellow pages on line. The category to check is 'filati-vendita all dettaglio' (yarn - retailers). What sounded the most interesting is the 'emporio della lana'. Two nice ladies in the tourist office helped me find the location, showed me which bus to take ... I ended up in a suburb, at the window display of a tiny shop. Not really an 'emporium'. The shop was closed, but the yarn looked interesting. Italian shops close for a big chunck at noon (1pm to 5pm). I tend to forget that.
So, I came home without any extra yarn, but with good memories of a very nice city.


Anonymous said...

I am a knitter, going to Turin in a few weeks and wonder if the shop you mention has an address? Was it hard to find?

I think I might also have to make a trek to Filatura di Crosa which I think is somewhere around there.

Glad you like Turin. I like it too.

Carol said...

A few years ago I visited Biella which is THE "yarn mill town of Italy". I bought many, many bags of gorgeous wool yarns at the Filatura di Crosa outlet for very little money. Most of the yarns sold in their outlet store are discontinued yarns -- mostly discontinued colors. I also shopped in a place called the Yarn Market which is a huge supermarket-type store with thousands of bins of brand name yarns-- cottons, merinos, mohair and some acrylic and novelty yarns being sold at very, very reasonable prices. There are many smaller yarns mills in Biella some selling wonderful merino and cashmere yarns also at reasonable prices. The town itself is small and user-friendly with several good restaurants and hotels.