Monday, December 25, 2006

jawbreaker cardigan progress

I have finished knitting the back of the jawbreaker cardigan. As I don't know if I will have enough yarn, I started with a provisional cast-on. I knitted the back, and then evaluated how much I had used, and then decided in what yarn to knit the border. I used this stripe sequence : 1 row of swedish grey yarn, 1 row of Phildar arome, 1 row of Annell bouclé, 1 row of Phildar arome. Doing this, I used double of the Phildar arome, the yarn I have the most of. To reduce in cutting strands of yarn, I knitted this on a circular needle (flat). I knitted in stockinette stitch, and have decided to use the wrong side as the good side.

The reverse stockinette makes it less stripey, the colors blend more into each other. I have used 1.5 ball of the Phildar arome, and not even one ball of the Anell bouclé. So it looks like I will have enough to finish ! Maybe I should have left out the grey yarn ? Anyway, I put this aside for a week, because I will be spending some time in Torino (Italy). I am looking forward to this short trip, and maybe I can even find some yarn stores ?


kbsalazar said...

Dominique, I'm following along with your Arome project. Very nice! Thank you for posting some basic info on that yarn. I'm having problems finding any mention of it in another source that lists the yardage or makers gauge. While we can live without gauge (not all makers list it), yardage is a bit more problematic. Could I trouble you to look at the label and see if any yardage is listed? Thanks for any help you can spare - Kim (wiseNeedle yarn review shepherd -

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, this cardigan is coming along so nicely! I think your modifications are just perfect, this way you'll definitely have enough yarn left - fingers crossed for that!
Have a wonderful time in Torino, and happy knitting!