Sunday, December 17, 2006

jawbreaker cardigan

I also have been swatching for a 'bigger' project. I liked the 'jawbreaker cardigan' in the latest interweave knits (winter 2006). I have no yarn that works for this, but I have several that work together. I swatched, and it looks that I will get gauge with this combo. It's Phildar arome (a thick and thin mohair/wool/silk blend in variegated colors of rust and grey), Annell Lugano (a wool/mohair bouclé), and a double strand of grey Swedish yarn (see my post sept. 23d). I knitted this swatch in seed stitch, to break up the stripiness of working with 3 yarns. I am only worried that this add too much bulk to the fabric, working with yarns that are already bulky. I'll have to think a bit more about this.
And there is another problem. How to know if I will have enough ? I have 6 balls of Phildar (300g), 3 balls of Annell (150g), and 2 balls of swedish yarn (200g). The swatch is knitted in 1 row of each yarn. Clearly that won't work, as I have double the amount of yarn in Phildar then in Anell. And working a double strand of grey yarn cuts down in what's available also. Decisions, decisions ...

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