Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a compliment...

My son and daughter were telling how low-maintenance they are, and that they don't cost me much, because they don't wear designer clothes... But of course, added my 18year old son, it would add up if you counted the value of all those uniqe, handknitted socks I have. And he continued about how much he loves those socks, warm in winter and surprisingly cool in summer... How could I deny him these pleasures ? All it takes is a stash-dive, and some mindless knitting evenings in front of the TV (lots of political debates with elections coming up here in Belgium). Those socks may look boring, but it feels good to know they are appreciated....

specifications :
yarns used :
the black/white speckled one is one skein of Regia (my LYS), and toes and heels in a left-over bit of Meilenweit tweed (bought in Berlin in 2006).
the brown and grey speckled yarn is Annell super extra. It's a Belgian brand of sock yarn I use regularly, because it is cheap, hard-wearing and comes in a lot of colors (variegated too). I bought this ball in a very small yarn shop in the centre of Brussels. It used to be kept open by an older, knowleadgable lady. She retired, and a young, less knowleadgable lady took over. The shop was reduced to half it's size, and the choice of yarns was limited. The last time I went to Brussels, I noticed the shop doesn't exist any longer.
I have used some brown knitpicks 'essential' sock yarn for the heels and toes, a gift from Jane in Texas
pattern :
my own basic sock recipe. I knit a cuff for 15 rows, a leg part for 30 rows, knit a standard Dutch heel and finish of with a star toe. Usually I don't bother grafting the toe, I just knit until 8 stitches left and draw yarn through all stitches. I have heard referr to this as a 'cats arse' finishing. I wish I remember where I heard that one, but haven't told my son yet !

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Jen said...

Thanks for entering my contest! I have enjoyed reading your blog. :)