Wednesday, May 16, 2007

back on-line

This blog has been very quiet - the computer died. It left us for repairs, and it took 10 days to return ... They had to replace the grafic card, but as it was still under garanty - so no costs involved (fortunately).
I won't write much, just catch up with some pictures ...

I received a first package from my SP10 - sock yarn, tea, a candle and candy. Thanks SP !
No sign of my knitters treat exchange package yet, but she left me a message, so I know it's on it's way.

I have been swatching with the Bergère de France yarns. I didn't like knitting with the green and white linen-acrylic blend, so that one is out.

Then I swatched with some Phildar bambou that I bought on my trip to the seaside. I swatched for the 'ruffled surplice' - Interweave spring 07 issue. Beautifull yarn, nice pattern. BUT - I would have to buy a lot extra to knit this cardigan.
I really was in the mood for summer knitting, but would like to use up some stash. May has been an expensive month untill now, with a sister marrying and other stuff.
I'll dig out some more stash yarn, and see what I can make with that.
So, I really am between projects now.

I tried finding a good way to finish the lizard ridge - crocheting it together makes a rather lumpy finish. I'll have to undo that. I hate finishing. I knit a lot in the couch, watching (or listening) to the TV. To sew up an afghan, I need a lot of space, and the right mindset.
So - to sum it up : I swatched - no result yet. I tried to finish the afghan - I'll have to restart that. Deeply in need of some tangible results, I knitted socks.

I finished 2 pairs for DS - these are black and whites, knitted with leftovers of Lang 'jawoll', and Schoeller stahl 'sockina'. He likes short cuffs, so I always have leftovers. I also finished grumperina's 'Roza's socks' (no picture yet), started another pair for DS, and started 'spiral boot socks' - Interweave summer 07 issue. More pictures to come!

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Myriam said...

Heeey, je bent er weer. Ik miste je al :)
Met mijn hand gaat het iets beter, ik zal je vanavond een mailtje terug sturen.