Saturday, November 11, 2006

slow progress

As my wrist is still bothering me, my knitting progress has been slow. All I can show you guys is one finished sock. I do like it (sorry for the not so good picture). You can see a better picture in my oct 13th post. It starts out with a small band of 'narrow cable and twist' pattern, knitted flat. Then you graft it in the round, and pick up stitches from that cuff, to knit the lacey cable rib. And best of all, it really fits. As it is getting colder, it's time to wear handknit socks again. And these are for me ! My children like handknit socks, but are perfectly happy with 'simple' socks. The patterned yarns are the best to knit a simple pattern without it getting boring for me. And of course, those socks go faster then this kind of cabled sock with a special construction.

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