Friday, March 23, 2007

sock experiments

The lizard ridge afghan is on hold now, I am waiting for some more Kureyon to arrive. And the Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina is progressing nicely, but becoming a bit too big to take away with me. Time to start some socks !

What do people do with leftover sock yarn ? I try to use it in combining 2 different sock yarns into a new sock.
I can't say it is succesfull all of the time. This is failure number 1. I tried combining some vintage solid grey yarn with a variegated grey in a slip stitch pattern. It didn't work because there wasn't enough contrast in the colors. And slipping all those stitches on tiny needles was tedious. On top of that, the grey yarn must have been attacked by moths, because it was cut on several places in the skein. I got this in a thrift shop, and was happy with my find then (25 eurocents!). Now I worry that I let insects in my stash. (I hope not !). So I threw this away in disgust.

This is my second attempt - variegated Online supersocke and a leftover Stahl socka wool/cotton blend. The colors don't work together, nor does the weight of the yarns. The wool/cotton is thinner. I will probably frog this.

So what can a girl do then just start another pair of socks, now just a simple pattern in a very nice yarn ? This is 'roza's socks', in Cherry hill tree supersock merino. This pattern is in the latest Interweave knits. A much better picture of this sock can be found on Grumperina's blog. This yarn was for some time in my stash, I was a bit hesitant about the 100% wool content for socks. I am a bit worried that they may wear quickly. But for now, they are a joy to knit !


Chris said...

The yarn is in the mail. Hope it works well with the other colors.

Lies said...

Oh, Cherry Tree Hill is super. Ik heb er een paar mee gebreid, kijk hier maar hoe ze zich op termijn houden:

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